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When collecting the vehicle, both the main driver and additional drivers must present a valid Driving Licence and a valid Passport.

A driving licence must be presented in legible Roman letters.

An International Driving Permit (IDP) will be required if the driving licence is written in characters different to those of the renting country.
It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that they have the appropriate licence. Please check with the embassy or consulate in advance.

The supplier requires a credit card in the name of the main driver with enough credit to cover the deposit amount.

The Flexible Autos voucher is required when picking up your rental car.

In specific cases the rental agent may ask for proof of residence or a return flight ticket.


Customers cannot be residents of the United States or Canada

Customers must hold a non-US/Canadian issued driving licence and passport must also present an international driver’s permit, a permanent resident’s card or visa issued outside of US/Canada, failure to do so will result in the renter being refused the international inbound rates at the counter.

It is important that customers check with the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles in the States or Provinces in which they intend to travel to ensure compliance with their various licencing laws.

In the states of Michigan and Massachusetts customers with a Chinese Driving Licence are not permitted to rent.

If an International Driver’s permit cannot be obtained in the home country, another professional, type-written translation may be substituted. The main and additional drivers'' home country licence must also be presented.



The client is not required to leave a deposit but will be required to leave a credit card for security. If the client would prefer to leave cash or a debit card (please see method of payment) for security there will be a deposit of 25 USD per day or 100 USD per week.


Form of payment accepted: Cash (*), American Express credit card, Mastercard credit card, Visa credit card, Diners Debit Cards, Mastercard Debit Cards, Visa Debit Cards

Form of payment NOT accepted: Cheques, Credit and Debit cards for electronic use only, Maestro, Cards not issued by a bank, Prepaid cards, Virtual cards, Visa electron

To use a Debit card proof of a confirmed round trip travel ticket (airline, cruise ship or train) must be presented. Debit cards are not accepted on one way rentals .

Cash Rentals – Provider accepts Cash at certain Corporate Airport locations in the United States and Canada and at licensee locations. Cash is not accepted in New York State, New Jersey State or any non-airport location in the United States and Canada. In order to qualify for such rental the Renter must present a valid passport and proof of a confirmed round trip airline ticket (airline, cruise ship or train). Without proof of roundtrip ticket, cash can only be accepted as a form of payment at time of return. Cash deposits are not accepted for any one-way rentals. Cash qualifications may vary by location and are subject to change.


Unless otherwise indicated all costs indicated in these terms and conditions are subject to local taxes and fees.


There is no insurance excess. undercarriage of the vehicle, windows and tyres are not covered.



As a customer, you will have a choice as to how you would like to pay for fuel.
Cars will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be returned full. Otherwise the client will be charged for missing fuel, plus a refuelling charge.
Prepaid Fuel - Pre-pay for a tank of fuel at the time of rental, at the rate provided at the renting location.
No refunds will be given for unused fuel.

Gold and Gold GPS pack include an initial tank of fuel with exception for Manhattan



All charges exclude tax and local fees, unless otherwise stated.

The Minimum Age for drivers are:

AgeRangeCharge per dayMax charge per rental
For the following locations; MICHIGAN the details are:
E***, C***, I***, S***1818-2042.00USDN/A
ED**, EC**, CC**, CD**, ID**, IC**, IF**, SD**, FF**, FC**2121-2419.00USDN/A
For the following locations; NEW YORK the details are:
E***, C***, I***1818-2064.00USDN/A
ED**, EC**, CC**, CD**, ID**, IC**, IF**, SD**2121-2424.50USDN/A
FVAR, M***250.00USDN/A

There is no maximum age limit (Subject to the driving licence expiration and licence requirements)



Fuel inclusive Rate Products include up to 3 additional drivers.

There is an additional driver charge of 9.99 USD plus Vat per day, per additional driver.



Driving the vehicle without prior consent outside of the hire country will invalidate the agreed insurance coverage.


Please confirm, either at the time of booking and/or at the pick-up location, any restrictions and additional costs: if you are intending to drive across the border of the rental country.

Vehicles rented in the United States can be driven in any state in the United States (including the District of Columbia).

Vehicles must be returned to the location from which they were rented, unless the provider has authorized at the time of the reservation, that the vehicle can be returned to a different location.

Vehicles rented in Alaska must be returned to Alaska.

Vehicles may not be driven into Mexico.

Vehicles rented in the United States can be driven into Canada, with the exception of 12 or 15 passenger vans, but must be returned to the United States, unless the renter has pre-arranged with provider to drop the vehicle off at one of provider’s approved locations in Canada; whereby a transborder fee may apply.

Canadian residents renting vehicles in the United States may not drive vehicles into Canada.


For National one-way travel, we will confirm the availability and the price of this service once the reservation has been made and we have received a confirmation from the supplier.



The supplier establishes a grace period of 29 minutes from the indicated time in the reservation.

In the event, the Vehicle is returned 30 minutes or more after the time noted on the Rental Agreement on a subsequent day, an hourly charge will be applied at the rate set forth on the applicable Rental Agreement for each full or partial hour in excess of a rental day, including the first hour over the 24-hour billing cycle. If a Vehicle is returned during non-business hours or to any place other than the originating rental location listed on the Rental Agreement unless otherwise pre-arranged by Provider and customer, additional charges shall apply. All rental charges incurred through the time a Provider employee checks in the vehicle are customer’s responsibility.



Optional Extras, are to be paid locally, they do NOT include local taxes and fee unless otherwise stated. Extras cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability.

GPS Unit11.99 USD Per DaySome locations may offer a weekly or per rental charge.
Child Seat (approx.15kg +)6.99 USD Per DayMaximum charge 70.00 USD, plus tax per rental
Ski Racks7.50 USD Per DayMaximum charge 70.00 USD, plus tax per rental



The Out of Hours service is an on request service and may not be available at all locations. This service may incur additional charges, such as: Out of Hours pick-up/drop-off fee, airport/location fees and taxes.



No charges will be applied for cancellation or no-show.

Please note no refunds are payable on cars returned early.

No cancellation charges will be applied if the booking is cancelled prior the pickup date/time indicated on the voucher.



In case of a breakdown customers must stay with the car and contact the rental office for assistance. Telephone numbers are on the rental paperwork, please confirm at the time of pick-up of the rental vehicle.

In case of an accident, the customer must remain with the vehicle, and complete a police report at the time of the incident.

In case of theft of the vehicle or vehicle equipment customers must contact the rental office and make a report to the police.


Unless included in the Rate Product, renter may purchase RP or RSP at all Corporate owned locations in the United States from 4.99 USD per day. RP or RSP includes the following benefits at no additional charge:

Key replacement/delivery service: replacement keys delivered. (For rentals originating in California, Kansas, New York or Nevada RP or RSP does not include the cost of the replacement key(s) but does waive the cost of the delivery service. If the Rate Product includes CDW/LDW or is otherwise elected, the cost of replacement key(s) is waived). Please check with your rental branch for details.

Flat Tyre: if the vehicle’s spare tyre is installed and serviceable, it will be installed to replace a flat tyre. If no inflated spare tyre is available, the vehicle will be towed in accordance with the towing provision.

Towing: Towing charges will be covered at no additional cost should the vehicle be inoperable (if unrelated to an accident).

Jump start: A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start the vehicle.

Lockout service: If the keys are locked inside the vehicle, service will be sent to gain entrance.

Fuel delivery: A limited supply of gasoline will be delivered to the vehicle to enable the Renter to reach the nearest open service station. (Up to three gallons or equivalent litres).

If RP or RSP is not purchased or included in the Rate Product, roadside assistance for the items listed above is available at standard charges.

For roadside assistance, call 1-800-803-4444. RP or RSP is void and of no effect if, at the time of the incident necessitating roadside assistance, the renter (or any driver) was in violation of the Rental Agreement, including, without limitation, the Prohibited Uses and Violations set forth in the Rental Agreement. In such instances, additional charges will apply for any roadside assistance.



There is the option to purchase the use of a toll meter.

On roadways covered by our Toll Pass service, the program allows Renters to drive through electronic toll express lanes and pay tolls electronically. The program is offered in three ways, depending on rental area.

Toll Pass Automatic- Renter may be charged a Toll pass Convenience Charge (TCC) (where available) of $3.95 per day during the Rental Period for each day the rental vehicle is operated on a TCC Covered Road and the vehicle operator does not pay an applicable toll. Total TCC will not to exceed $19.75 per Rental Period. In addition to the TCC, Provider or a third party may separately charge Renter’s credit or debit card for the posted cost of all tolls that are not paid by the vehicle operator and are incurred during the Rental Period.

Toll Pass Waiver- Renter may elect Toll Pass Waiver (TPW) to rent a toll pass transponder device. The TPW charge is $6.99-$7.99 per rental day. The TPW charges include all tolls generated on all toll roads.

Toll Pass Device- Renter may rent a toll pass device at the time of rental. The charge for the toll pass device is $3.95 per rental day with a maximum of $19.75 per Rental Period. In addition to the toll pass device rental charge, Provider or a third party shall separately charge Renter’s credit card or debit card for the posted cost of all tolls that are not paid by the vehicle operator and incurred during the Rental Period.

Operation of Vehicle on a toll road, where applicable tolls are not paid by the vehicle operator, may subject the Renter to fines, costs and fees. Provider may transfer Renter’s name, address, credit card information and all other data necessary to enable the collection of all tolls and associated charges incurred during the rental period. Renters can elect to use their own transponder on toll roads.


Provider offers the following mobility devices at no additional charge: left hand controls, left foot accelerators, spinner knobs, foot pedal extenders and seat belt extenders. Certain vehicles may not accommodate all mobility devices. Renters requiring vehicles equipped with mobility devices must contact Provider in advance to confirm arrangements.

Alamo: 1-800-651-1223 or For hearing or speech-impaired users of TTY devices, call 1-800-522-9295.



Additional Costs: Traffic Fines, Parking Charges or Fines, Congestion Charges,or any additional administration penalties incurred.

One Way Rentals

Optional Extras (Paid Locally)

Roadside Assistance

Toll Charges

Tow Charges

Please read the Terms and Conditions of your vehicle hire carefully before signing for the rental vehicle.

Please note, not all supplier excess waivers cover the following, unless otherwise stated in the excess waiver packages: damage to wheels, tyres, hubcaps, locks, windows, side and rear-view mirrors, undercarriage of the vehicle, suspension, damage to clutch, damage to exterior paintwork. Any damage and loss incurred not arising from general use.

If there is an option extra and service you do not want, you must ask for the removal of the item before signing the contract. Any option extra and service that is accepted with the customer’s signature will be charged to your credit card and Flexible Autos you will not be able to reimburse it later.


Driver negligence''s and deliberate damage/loss, are not covered by the suppliers insurance waivers, and will incur additional costs and administration charges, if the customer has been found to have acted against the terms and conditions of the rental agreement:

Dropping the rental vehicle off at a supplier office, other than agreed in the rental agreement.

Abandoning the vehicle.

All costs derived from the use of the incorrect and/or lack of petrol.

The supplier is not to be held liable for items stolen, forgotten or lost inside the vehicle. It is recommended having these items covered through personal travel cover.

The loss/damage of the vehicle documents and/or keys.

It is not permitted to remove the vehicles seats.

If the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and/or found using their cellular phone at the time of the accident.

Driving the vehicle when tired and not feeling well.

The use not permitted includes and is not limited to the following cases mentioned by way of example: Pushing or towing another vehicle.

Driving in areas not suited to public transport, such as beaches, race tracks, forestry roads, back roads, dirt roads and very poorly paved roads that could cause damage to the underside of the vehicle.

Driving the vehicle in restricted areas, and more specifically on airport roads and other roads for aeronautical and/or military use.

Negligent behaviour when the vehicle’s indicators show an alert that customer’s state are known to them when they sign the agreement.

Transport of goods or animals and, in particular, substances that are hazardous, inflammable and/or poisonous for the vehicle and its occupants.

The transport of individuals or goods for which the customers receive direct or indirect payment.

Using the vehicle for unlawful activities, reckless driving, sub-leasing the vehicle, giving driving lesson, or teaching special driving technics.

Transporting a number of passengers and amount of luggage not authorised for the vehicle concerned.

Manipulation of the speedometer. Customers must report any malfunction of the speedometer to the supplier immediately.

Transport of luggage or any other item on the vehicle’s roof, even when an adequate luggage rack is used for the purpose.

Damage to the vehicle caused by leaving tempting items in plain sight inside the vehicle.

Dirtying the inside of the vehicle beyond what would be expected from reasonable and careful use.

Driving against the traffic regulations.

The vehicle is driven by a person who is not authorised to do so in the agreement, as either a customer and/or a supplementary driver.

Continued use of the vehicle after the rental period has ended.



Flexible Autos makes every effort to ensure that all the information provided is correct at the time of booking. The terms and conditions presented in the rental voucher are reviewed and updated by the supplier on a regular basis. Flexible cars are not responsible for the updates if made after the booking has been made.